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July 3, 2021by Jill Douka

Why do we feel unworthy of success?


How can we appreciate our wins and fight fear?


Are there techniques to boost your self-confidence?


We’re bringing out our creativity.

We’re bringing out our innovation.

We’re bringing out all the knowledge, skills, and abilities. Yet we sometimes feel incompetent and scared to celebrate our greatest wins! Why do all successful women suffer from imposter syndrome so much? Please watch this video from my Creative Women Conference 2021 speech and escape the fear of embracing your fabulous self!

The mindset is what differentiates the best from the rest. And it’s so crucial that we shift this mindset towards focusing on what we exactly want.

There are two ways to release fear and unstring from its suffocating impact:

1) Many of the women I know (including myself) suffer from the imposter syndrome, which means that no matter how much knowledge we have, no matter how much experience we have, we feel that we are not good enough. This is what is holding us back.

One of the first things I invite you to do is write down that “I’m enough.” I’m enough now for anything that I want to achieve without any other prerequisites.

If an opportunity comes our way, it’s essential to embrace it and grab it, and feel that we are enough now, no matter what our ego-mind is saying to us. It’s a technique you can be taught, and all of our students in GAC treasure it as their self-confidence stronghold. You can introduce yourself to this valuable experience by exploring the possibility of joining our selective GAC coaching programs here:


2) The second key for releasing fear is to train our brain muscles into seeing the success and the endless opportunities to nail it!

  • By training our minds to see the opportunity, to see what is positive, we understand that energy goes where attention flows.


  • By focusing on our wins, writing down our successes, and saying what we have achieved is not only a way to skyrocket productivity, but it’s also a method to increase self-worth and self-confidence. 


Celebrate your impressive wins daily, and I’m sure you have so many to be grateful for and proud of!

Be genuinely committed to enjoying your life and not just interested in doing it so.


This is the safest way to release fear and spread your wings!

Training in Global Academy Coaching Certificate was the trigger to unlock and overcome my abilities and become a well-trained Life Coach so that I could achieve every goal and create the life I was dreaming about.

Eleana Agrotou

HR advisor at Deloitte Cyprus, CIPD Assoc., Youth and Career Certified Life Coach,

Founder of Advizoring, Graduate of Global Academy of Coaching

by Jill Douka

#1 International Bestselling Author of Create Love, How to Create Your Life and Suddenly Now, Business Mentor Awarded by European Union and accredited by Coach Federation, Global Academy of Coaching Director