The helper is worried about the child but is unsure what to do. If they are 16- or 17-years-old, carefully consider whether parental consent is needed. But do you know what to do when faced with safeguarding issues? Log for Incidents of Poor Behaviour. > Learn more about sharing information and consent, > Learn more about assessing a child’s competency to give consent. It is everyone’s responsibility and, if you work with children or families, you must be aware of the role you play in child … There are several measures you should put in place when working alone with a child or young person to make sure you are both protected. Home / Training, events and consultancy / Safeguarding Hub / Safeguarding Scenarios and Quizzes / Safeguarding-child-protection-quizzes Safeguarding-child-protection-quizzes EYHub Admin 2019-07-19T10:34:16+00:00 If you are unsure whether to report something, contact the NSPCC Helpline for advice and support. Sharon is a qualified counsellor. The scenario is unfortunately not an uncommon one in modern schools. I have two sons, the eldest, Michael, is my primary care giver and keen business-man, and Stuart, a teacher who lives down south with his wife and two children. You are an employee at a local Leisure Centre providing a holiday club for children. At events where children will be sleeping over, separate sleeping facilities need to be provided for each gender and age group. If the child doesn’t want their parents or carers to know they’re seeking counselling, suggest they get support from Childline instead. NSPCC, charity registered in Scotland, charity number SC037717. We all have a responsibility to protect children from harm. You should also think about health and safety – if maintenance work is being carried out, is it safe for children to be around? When responding it’s important to listen to all children involved and record details of the incident and any action you’ve taken. Make sure they have someone to talk to and let them know they can contact Childline for free, confidential support at any time. > Learn more about writing child protection policies and procedures, > View our introductory child protection courses, > Find out more about child protection training requirements for your organisation. “Tell me about yourself” – Social Worker Interview Questions and Answers Professionals in some roles may occasionally need to work with a child without parental consent. > Read more about vetting, disclosure and barring checks. 2 Based on: Top 10 child protection interview questions and answers Updated To: Top 80 child protection interview questions and answers On: Mar 2017 3. Single Agency Foundation Safeguarding Scenarios – with trainer notes. It's best practice never to work with children under 16 without parental or carer consent. At night, the children and adults sleep in tents. Even if a child asks you not to share what they have told you, you must report it if it means you are promoting their welfare. 13. In the case of counselling, children and young people may ask you not to tell their parents about the things you discuss in your sessions. Read our Coronavirus (COVID-19) information. The volunteers have heard other parents worrying about the child and saying the father is often quite nasty. If you are working with children and young people in a rented space, it is your responsibility to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to protect them. Children and young people demonstrate a range of sexual behaviours as they grow up, including sharing explicit messages and images (sexting). If it isn’t possible to have separate facilities such as toilets for children and adults, you should notify groups of this before they start to use your premises. You should include: > Read more about recognising and responding to abuse. This includes unsupervised activities such as providing advice and guidance on wellbeing. Make sure an appropriate adult, preferably someone with safeguarding responsibility, knows the time and place when you are alone with a child. > Learn more about writing safeguarding policies and procedures. These scenarios have been created to be used as a training tool for all practitioners in early years settings, including childminders. If you’re self-employed in Scotland you can request a PVG check for yourself. If nothing changes, what impact will this have on the child? Neglect Case Study – AZ Neglect Case Study – DW Neglect Case Study – Family 1 Department for Education The Department for Education have published case studies for training multi-agency groups on identifying and preventing child … Some children can also feel pressured into sexting when they don’t want to. Some of the parents who are members of the organisation want to help out and get more involved with running and supervising the activities. A role might not be eligible for a criminal records check if it does not involve regular contact with children or young people but you should still carry out other appropriate checks such as having interviews and checking references. Don’t tell lots of other people about your conversation, only those who your organisation’s safeguarding procedures say you need to report it to. They are primarily for safeguarding children, but some could be adapted for use when recruiting to posts relating to care for vulnerable adults. You should also keep up to date with relevant legislation and guidance. If an allegation is made against someone in your organisation you must respond sensitively and promptly. Safer recruitment is a set of practices to help make sure everybody working with children is suitable to do so. Anyone who will be coming into contact with children should undertake training so they know how to recognise and respond to child protection concerns. You can use the consent form to get emergency contact information and check any medical conditions, allergies, disabilities or other vulnerabilities of the children or young people. Make sure they know they have someone to talk to and tell them they can contact Childline at any time for help and support. SECTION 47 Ben appears to be suffering or at risk of suffering significant … As part of your safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures you should have a policy around online safety. The builder plans to drop in when he has time in his schedule so can’t always give notice as to when he will be at the centre. Make sure all the organisations using your space have the contact details of your organisation’s nominated child protection lead. Make accurate and detailed notes about any concerns you have for a child and share these with your nominated child protection lead. To help you complete the questions below you will need to make yourself familiar with the following documents: No Secrets 2000 . Discuss the answers with the Safeguarding Lead in your pharmacy. Published March 2015 Updated July 2018. This could include checking the people in your organisation are safe to work with children, and putting rules in place to make sure children are properly supervised by the groups that use your venue. Make sure groups and organisations are aware that someone may be dropping in, so that they can arrange to have the appropriate supervision in place. asking them to share their safeguarding and child protection policy with you and checking it is adequate, sharing your organisation’s safeguarding and child protection policy with the group and asking them to sign an agreement stating they will comply with it, making sure groups have carried out risk assessments. > Watch our animation on how to respond when a child or young person talks to you about abuse. You should also not let concerns about cultural sensitivity stand in the way of safeguarding and protecting children and young people. Safeguarding Knowledge Quiz. Make sure the groups hiring your facility have enough adults to supervise their activity and take children to the bathroom. Body Piercing You can have your body pierced at any age, although your parents may have to accompany you and provide consent. However, safeguarding should be at the centre of any investigation into sexting and the police do not always need to charge young people with a criminal offence. Make sure they know abuse is never their fault. Log for Incidents of Discrimination. If you're looking for a child care worker to manage your toddler room, you'll want to evaluate experience and understanding of that age group. They’re concerned this may be emotional abuse but they don’t want to report it in case they have misunderstood due to the language barrier. Safeguarding scenarios These scenarios have been created to be used as a training tool for all practitioners in early years settings, including childminders. > Read about supervision and adult to child ratios. Anybody working in or with your organisation should understand your safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures and agree to follow them. 2) If a child is seriously ill or injured. At the next rehearsal, he sees that the bruise has healed and the girl asks him not to say anything. You must be able to identify the warning signs that could indicate a child’s welfare is at risk. As well as understanding how you must deal with concerns, you need to know what actually … Safeguarding Crossword. The child’s answer and the adult’s answers do not match or if two different adults give conflicting stories about how the injury happened. You should also consider any risks that may arise from the area around the venue. Safeguarding Scenarios: What School Staff Need To Know Posted one year ago Working in the education sector means that you have a legal duty to help keep the children in your care free from all forms of abuse and … Make sure you know who the nominated child protection lead is in the organisation you are hiring from. If you have a concern for a child or young person in your group, report it to your nominated child protection lead. However, sexting can leave children vulnerable to bullying, blackmail, online grooming or abuse.
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