Children – –. As of Exile, she has a star-shaped scar on the back of her right hand. DK . Biana occasionally lends Sophie clothes, always saying she looks good in them. Resides in Burlingame, CA. Known Black Swan Members In Book 3: Everblaze, he began working with the Council and building weapons. Residence Lost Cities Keeper Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Sophie Elizabeth Foster She has used her Vanishing ability to go on secret missions with Sophie. When Sophie became an Enhancer, Linh often put distance between them, fearing that she might flood something again, but in Nightfall she used her ability combined with Sophie's Enhancing in order to save Atlantis. Edaline is very protective of Sophie and is overbearing at times to ensure her safety in Keeper of the Lost Cities. She is one of Sophie's Councillor contacts for Team Valliant. Gender Female. Fitz Vacker It's possible that him and Sophie will no longer be able to be Cognates, as Fitz will always know that Sophie is hiding something from him (her biological mother's identity). As such, she often has trouble discerning how people feel about her, whether that be about someone liking her as a friend or romantic feelings. Sophie was the first and only person to see Keefe for who he actually is beneath all the jokes. Sophie Foster has blonde hair and unusual brown eyes with golden flecks. In this Test you will find out which Keeper of the Lost Cities character you are. She has stated this at many of her book signings. (Dex's Ability Restrictor). In Exile, Sophie tried to talk to him privately about their kidnapping because she felt that they were the only ones who could understand it. First Name Sophie #31. Sophie starts the book in the human world, but a mysterious boy (Fitz) comes and tells her she is actually an elf. That family has gone majorly downhill since they started wasting so much time on Sophie Foster—and don’t even get Stina started on Sophie. Age 17. More than a girl left to fend for herself in a world where she didn't truly belong. Stina Heks ♦ Jensi Babblos ♦ Maruca ♦ Dempsey ♦ Valin ♦ Lex ♦ Rex ♦ Bex ♦ Damel Kafuta ♦ Shayda Adel ♦ Trella ♦ Audric ♦ Huxley, Mentors Sophie had a very strong relationship with her human family, and still has one with her younger sister. Sophie showed signs of being a Polyglot while she was escaping her kidnappers in the first book. She supports the Black Swan and is sometimes consulted in their decisions. That’s what makes villains so scary. She is able to communicate telepathically over incredible distances, even while injured and sedated. After a freeing exercise with Councillor Oralie, she found that she was able to turn the enhancing on and off at her will. She first appeared in Things Unknown. Popularity. He had told Oralie to "take care of [his] moonlark." If everyone were the same, we'd all make the same mistakes. Edaline is very supportive of Sophie's decisions and does her best to make sure Sophie is always comforted and safe. She also wears a charm bracelet with an elephant charm on it which was given to her by her adoptive parents (Grady and Edaline). Coach Rohana • Coach Wilda • Coach Bora • The Boobrie Dude, Previous Attendees (Waywards) Female Sophie has attended Foxfire Academy, the only noble school in the Lost Cities, for levels two (Keeper of the Lost Cities), three (Exile, Everblaze, Lodestar, and Nightfall), and four (Flashback, Legacy). After manifesting as an Enhancer, she started dressing more like Biana to help camouflage the gloves she had to wear. Jodie Foster’s biography Jodie Foster is a blessing to the world film industry. When Sophie had been issued a punishment for entering the ogre king's mind, he was ordered to make her an ability restrictor circlet. Art by Laura Hollingsworth © - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy. Sophie then must leave her family and her human life behind and come to the Lost Cities. In Legacy, Biana becomes part of Team Valiant with Sophie and is always ready to help Sophie in any way. When Sophie discovers her sister hiding in a closet, she is forced to break the law and take Amy to the Lost Cities. Fitz told her to hold his hand while they light leaped and Sophie's heart fluttered. Related To Catherine Foster, Brandon Foster, Lionel Foster. Sophia Quinn is the daughter of Robert and Jill Quinn and the paternal younger half-sister of Callie Adams Foster. In this book, Sophie becomes a part of Team Valiant and a Regent. When the two, along with their friends, run off to join the Black Swan, Keefe opens up to Sophie about his trauma and coping mechanisms, and the two become much closer. The two also discover Alvar, who they allow to escape in exchange for information on Keefe's Legacy. Had been raised by humans until Fitz found her in the Forbidden Cities in Keeper of the Lost Cities. Mr. Forkle restores her other missing memory and Sophie resets her abilities, and her Inflicting and Enhancing become much stronger. Eye Color A prime example would be her constant attempts to contact Fitz in Keeper of the Lost Cities after the Neverseen kidnapped her, despite their threats. At her time at Exillium, she meets the twins, Tam and Linh. She realized that the Neverseen had already been there and had kidnapped her parents, but her sister had successfully hidden from them. Stina calls Sophie this after finding her drooling in her sleep. Career Information. Sophie almost always goes to him with problems and concerns and clues about the Black Swan, but she has kept some things from him, like the Spyball (she was afraid he would confiscate it, taking away her only access to her human family). She said she originally wanted the name to sound dorky. In Flashback, Marella helped Sophie and her friends fight off the baby trolls with her powers.
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