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May 14, 2023by Jill Douka

What a week! I’m so excited and happy and proud because I’ve spoken in the New York State, but never in Manhattan and this was in my bucket list!
So I was honored to speak at the Global Women Networking event in New York and had a blast!

3 very lucky ladies will have the amazing chance to work with me and I am looking forward to supporting them in making 6 figures consistently ✨
I am so happy for Suzan and Lisa with whom we spend 3 days together and of course with Eva, for being nothing less than amazing!
Million congratulations to Pat and Mirela Sula for pulling together 2 days of events!


And then, a transatlantic flight, 2 hours sleep, one award, a highly interactive speech , an incredible networking conference with inspirational women from 4 continents is what happened in at the the Creative Women conference in London. I’m really really really so proud for the excellence award that I received from the Creative Women platform for being the Greek Ambassador

I was supposed to talk at the Conference . I didn’t sleep at all at the flight from New York to London, so I was so so tired. Nevertheless, as soon as I arrived, I slept 2 hours, took a shower and I went to the conference because I just couldn’t miss all these incredible speeches that would come up!
As time went by my eyes started closing, and the schedule of the conference was completely off. We were two hours late. I don’t know where I managed the courage to actually go on stage talk, and inspire the audience who participated greatly. My speech was based on how we can rebound no matter what, and I got some beautiful compliments. The best of all was the award that I got for my contribution in Creative Women!

At the conference were princesses, Royals and many many women entrepreneurs from all over the world coming from Asia, Europe, and USA

It was incredible to spend time with Jenn who is in my mastermind group and of course Farah!
Emilia flew from Athens and so many incredible friends were there that I look forward to each time we’re having the Creative Women conference.

Creating relationships is the number one asset that we can create in our lives and looking forward to supporting the future Creative Women conferences!

What is the one thing you will do to build better relationships?

Would love to know! 


My Life is transformed. Actually, one day before I get the feedback form I was thinking how this study will transform my life and me and how much is worth to do it other people also. So I’ll say to him/her: if you finally do it, be ready for your new best self.

Mary Lysandrou
Certified Professional Coach – GAC graduate



by Jill Douka

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