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November 10, 2023by Jill Douka

I just came back from a week in London where I got filled with knowledge, inspiration, networking and exhaustion!

You see I ran the 10k today at the Athens Marathon and in order to fit in my training runs, the conferences and catching up with work, I had to wake up at 5:30 every day except on Saturday, when the alarm did not ring and I woke up at 7:30 🙂 

With 12-14 hours of training, speaking, networking and meeting friends all I can say is that I am in deep gratitude for my life. And on a side note, I missed Joy a lot. I did not think that I would miss her so much but, I am telling you, at a certain point it was hard for me to only talk to her via video. 

I got plenty of insights and I shared my personal notes in Instagram, you may check here”

Day 1 at the National Achievers Congress

Day 2 at the National Achievers Congress

Day 1 at the Creative Women Platform

Day 2 at the Creative Women Platform

I am still digesting the fact that I had a deep talk with Karen Millen (yes the designer) with Robert Kyiosaki, (yes Rich dad poor dad), I am exchanging messages with a Princess, a member of a Parliament in Europe and other amazing people.


So I believe it all comes down to 3 choices we have to make in our lives:

  1. What do I want my reality to be?
  2. Am I willing to pay the price?
  3. Who do I need to become in order to create this reality?


Your network is your net worth, and as you can see I constantly invest into myself and in ways that I can learn and become MORE.

And you are reading this and I know you want to become MORE.

So, if you want to become MORE and help others then you may want to consider becoming a life coach. 

This way you can make a difference in people’s lives and in yours while making a career.

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Denise Searle
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by Jill Douka

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