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February 23, 2024

I often fail. Mostly massively. Meaning I feel that each time I fail, is bigger than the previous one.  Failing as a mom? Oh yes! Failing as an entrepreneur. Here I am! Failing as a woman? Yeap! Failing as a lover? Hell yes! Failing in managing my finances? Yes!   Failing as an athlete? Of course!...

February 16, 2024

It’s me, Jill, dropping in with some thoughts that have been bouncing around in my brain. You know how life loves to throw us into the deep end sometimes? Well, I’ve started to see those moments a little differently. Stick with me here, because I’m about to spill the tea on why every stumble, every...

February 8, 2024

It happens to the best of us. One day we’re on fire, ticking off goals, soaring high on the winds of ambition… and then, seemingly out of nowhere, the spark dims. You find yourself questioning, “Where did all my motivation go?” If this resonates with you, I’m here to say, “Watch this space.” Because, my...

February 1, 2024

Yes, I know this question is soooo weird! But this is the first question we worked on with my VIP clients in Cyprus and in Athens. Why do I ask such a weird question? I see every day people acting as if they have 2-3 lifetimes ahead. Absolutely no urgency whatsoever. Just existing. This is...

January 19, 2024

I am so excited because amidst Global Academy of Coaching becoming Level 1 and Level 2, traveling in New York, London and Cyprus and having amazing speaking engagements, starting training for Triathlon (oh YES!) and being a single mom, I have almost finished my NEW BOOK. The 10xPlan  How to Create Success, Relationships, and Wealth...

December 28, 2023

It’s the 1st day of 2024 and I’m so grateful.  WATCH THE VIDEO   I’m grateful for YOU.  I’m grateful for the fact that we are connected.  I’m grateful for the fact that you listen to me now.  I’m grateful for all the efforts that you have made in order to be here in your...

December 22, 2023

Merry Christmas!  On this beautiful, very sacred day, I want to share with you the big gratitude, the big love that I have for you, for being here, for listening to me.    I want to share my best wishes for yourself and your family, your friends, your colleagues, the people you embrace.    WATCH...

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