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August 6, 2021

Do you feel passionate about life?   Are you ready to follow up the route to success?   Is life coaching appealing to you?   Liana Lekanidi, our successful GAC graduate who works as a successful parenting coach, shares a most inspirational story about how she put her coaching skills into practice and managed to...

July 29, 2021

What does online training entail? What are the differences between online and live training? Why should you opt the one over the other?   I sense that some people question the dynamics of online certification, and it’s perfectly fine if you are one of them. I invite you to watch my short video below and...

July 10, 2021

Is life coaching worth it? What makes it such a big deal nowadays?  How does a certified life coach make a difference?   Many wonder how life coaching could help you go through your challenges and answer your clients’ needs the best way possible. Please watch my video below and find out why life coaching...