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July 7, 2022

When things go bad, do This! Challenges are a constant in everyday life. You confront them, and so do I. How do we deal with our challenges as they come?  Your challenges can either make you or break you. I encourage you to accept that challenges will always come your way, but that you don’t...

July 1, 2022

Anger is one of several emotions that we often wrestle with.  It can be intense. But, where does anger come from?   My friend, anger has a trigger. That trigger is different from person to person.   Anger can be driven by fear, stress, and frustration, or in situations where a person is attacked or...

June 11, 2022

Is discipline your big challenge? If yes, I promise you that you are not alone in the struggle. Most of us have struggled to become more disciplined. However, that struggle doesn’t have to be your constant. Not at all.  Many of us find ourselves going through phases when we are motivated and really work towards...