UncategorizedCan You Believe It’s Been a Year?

April 7, 2023by Jill Douka

Today is a tough day for me.

It is her birthday.

As you may know my mom passed a year ago. 

And I keep wondering, what do we do with the birthdays of our loved ones who have left? 

I feel as a notion birthdays of people who have transitioned are so tough for the ones alive.


We went with Joy and planted 3 trees in an area where there were fires and there is a need for reforestation. One for my mom, one for my dad and one for our family. 


You see, my parents birthdays was a month apart. 

I felt it was a beautiful tribute to them. Still I need to process tons of feelings. 

I will share with you how I process mourning: I close my eyes and feel where the feeling is in my body. 

Then I embrace it – like I see a big hug over the feeling. At a certain point I feel the need to release it. And I release it in the sky. 


This is what I do and I support my coachees to do too. 

How do you process your feelings when you are in pain? 


Do you feel that life has been sucked of you?

Let’s see together how you can bounce back, by staying true to your feelings.

Watch here:


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by Jill Douka

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