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Jill Douka
May 2, 2020

How to go from wishful thinking to actually having! Can you teach your old brain new tricks?   Have you been searching for a mighty ally to help you change and benefit from the coronavirus challenge? Don’t look any further than your own brain! Hard times like these call out for drastic changes. Goal setting...

Jill Douka
April 24, 2020

Why do we need to speed up? How to change and evolve through this challenging process? Are you ready to meet up to the expectations? Μonique Blokzyl’s inspirational session allowed me to share with her audience useful tips to stay positive, creative, and focused as coaches even with Coronavirus’ limitations. So it’s the Coronavirus epoch,...

Jill Douka
March 20, 2020

Are there ways to survive the pandemic frenziness? Could this be a gate to a better and improved future? While the pandemic is at its peak and societies struggle to cope with this new peril, it’s quite likely that some of us will question our life purpose. It’s the awe before the great unknown that...

Jill Douka
December 5, 2019

Is hugging the most instant pain-relieving remedy? How can you… hug your fears away? It’s in human nature to seek acceptance and approval, but even if we have people in our lives who care about us, there are days that we feel disheartened no matter what the others say. But where words come to a...

Jill Douka
August 15, 2019

Is there a treatment for loneliness? Where do you belong in this world? Why we choose to separate ourselves from the other people and don’t manage to see us as significant parts of this world’s big jigsaw puzzle? What’s really wrong with us? Find out in my Youtube video below: Despite the extensive knowledge, the...

Jill Douka
June 7, 2019

Should you follow others or pave your own path? Are you enough to change the world? Feeling incompetent and always lacking results in getting involved in situations that don’t support our dreams! Would you care to know the root cause? Watch my video below! So, now you know! The reason for not believing in our...

Jill Douka
November 6, 2018

Everyone can relate to it. Stress and anxiety are extremely negative feelings that can overcome us. These negative feelings can cause a variety of symptoms in our bodies and even more serious psychological impacts. What stress does is take a situation (difficult or not) and expand it in our minds until it’s huge. I am so excited and...