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July 29, 2021

What does online training entail? What are the differences between online and live training? Why should you opt the one over the other?   I sense that some people question the dynamics of online certification, and it’s perfectly fine if you are one of them. I invite you to watch my short video below and...

July 3, 2021

Why do we feel unworthy of success?   How can we appreciate our wins and fight fear?   Are there techniques to boost your self-confidence?   We’re bringing out our creativity. We’re bringing out our innovation. We’re bringing out all the knowledge, skills, and abilities. Yet we sometimes feel incompetent and scared to celebrate our...

November 28, 2020

Is life coaching for you? How can it impact your life? When is it better to seek medical advice? Are you wondering whether life coaching is the right tool for you? Well, it depends. Are you struggling to recover from your past or are you opting to step into a better future? Life coaching is...