June 11, 2022by Jill Douka

Is discipline your big challenge?

If yes, I promise you that you are not alone in the struggle. Most of us have struggled to become more disciplined. However, that struggle doesn’t have to be your constant. Not at all. 

Many of us find ourselves going through phases when we are motivated and really work towards our goals. But, other times we lose consistency.

How can you become a disciplined individual? My beautiful friend, it takes sheer willpower to become disciplined and you cannot have one without the other. Discipline isn’t a genetic trait, but it’s something that can be taught and as such, learned. It is a muscle that can grow with time and effort.

I would like to invite you to build the discipline muscle. Yes, discipline muscle. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Just like we build muscles in our bodies, we can build our discipline muscle. You must regularly exercise and train that muscle because it will not happen overnight. 

How you can do it? I’ll share with you a few ways to build your discipline muscle!

First, I would say start with baby steps in tackling your big goal. 

I would suggest working with a coach and jot down your big goal and then break it down into smaller goals or baby steps as I call them. The truth is that the big picture perspective can seem overwhelming sometimes, but having baby steps allows you to tackle your large goal one task at a time. Ask yourself the question, “what are the 2, 3, 4, etc. steps that I need to take to move closer towards my bigger goal?” If your goal is to increase sales, for instance, call three prospects a day to increase your sales pipeline lead and get you closer to your ultimate sales goal. 


Secondly, another tip is to have an accountability partner.

Your accountability partner can be a friend, colleague, or fellow student in the Global Academy of Coaching where we use the accountability partner system. What exactly is this system? It’s a simple, yet vital way to be successful in goal-setting and attainment. Think of it as having someone other than yourself that holds you accountable for setting and attaining your goals. Depending on your arrangement, commitment, and goal timeframe, you can check in with your accountability partner once a day or once a week and share your goals, your actions, wins, as well as your challenges, and the next steps to take. You see, your accountability partner won’t take the excuses and let things slide, but will push you to stay on task and remain committed to seeing that you achieve your goals. Trust me, accountability works wonders for discipline. 


Last, but not least, celebrate your small wins.

I would encourage having a specific process to celebrate your small wins. If you book a client, do a happy dance to celebrate. Yes, it can be as simple as that. Celebrating the small wins can inspire and motivate and allows you to track incremental achievements and boost your self-confidence. It’s vital to link small wins to the feel-good or happy hormones – serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins because then the brain will desire more wins to stay happy. What will this really do for you? More wins equal more discipline, which in turn results in more goal achievement. 


My beautiful friend, what is the one step that you’ll take today towards becoming more disciplined?

You don’t have to continue struggling. 


Let the coaches at Global Academy of Coaching help you to become the disciplined individual that you desire to be. 


Do you want to help others in their quest to become disciplined by becoming a coach? You are in the right place. 


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Looking forward to being your mentor!

by Jill Douka

#1 International Bestselling Author of Create Love, How to Create Your Life and Suddenly Now, Business Mentor Awarded by European Union and accredited by Coach Federation, Global Academy of Coaching Director