UncategorizedDo you need a degree to become a Life Coach?

July 27, 2022by Jill Douka

You don’t need a certification in order to become a life coach!


Maybe you are thinking about becoming a life coach. 


I’m sure you are asking yourself some valid questions. One of the biggest questions is, “Do I need a degree to become a life coach?”


My beautiful friend, the simple truth is that you can become a life coach without a degree or a relevant certification. It’s not a requirement. However, you can gain particular qualifications to position yourself in the market as an expert in your field.


I, Jill Douka, a master certified life coach, was mentored by one of the greatest life coaches globally, Tony Robbins who was not a college graduate (yes can you believe it?)  but became a master at his craft through self-teaching and experience. 


There are also life coaches who have a degree and are top coaches globally, like my mentor Jack Canfield who has a PHD in psychology from Harvard University. 

The decision to get a degree or not is entirely up to you, but, my friend, I’d encourage you to study life coaching if you really want to venture into the profession. 

My beautiful friend, if your goal is to support another human being through coaching, put in the work so that you can best serve your clients.


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Charis Alexandrou
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by Jill Douka

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