CBCS Sem IV Project Based Courses List (Faculty of Humanities), 4.282 P.G. Sem.IV Indian Economy, 4.27 revised syllabus S.Y.B.A.Sem.IV Macro Economics, 4.26 revised syllabus S.Y.B.A.Sem.III Public Finance, 4.25 revised syllabus S.Y.B.A.Sem.II Macro Economics, 4.8 regarding revised syllabus s.y.b.a. (I.T.) Aeronautics – Mechanical (Sem I & VI). Ad- Revised Syllabus) Dec 8, 2016, 4.6 BMM SEM-6, Contemporary issue (Only one Act Amended) on Dec 8 -2016, 4.19 F.Y.B.A. 2017-18, 4.16 M.A. Sans Arsha Mahakavya Sem – III, 4.67 M. A. 2017-18, 4.63 Advanced Diploma in Yoga a.y. 4.198 T.Y.B.Sc. Biochemistry Part -I sem -I & II a.y. Home Science Sem -III & IV a.y. Automobile Engineering a.y. 4.2 M.A. University of Mumbai SE (Electronics & Telecommunication) R-2012 Page 8 Text books: 1. Philosophy (Regular) Sem I to IV, 4.60 M.A. Sociology (STRUCTURE AND CHANGE), 4.78 S.Y.B.A. Part – II [Semester III and IV] Life Sciences Aquaculture Technology, M.Sc. 4.12 revised syllabus Ph.D. course work in Microbiology w.e.f. 4.7 revised syllabus PG Diploma in Applied Statistics with Software (PGDASS) sem. SE ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING R-2012 UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI Page 28 SE Electronics Engineering Semester IV Syllabus of Theory Subjects Subject Code Subject Name Teaching Scheme Credits Assigned Theory Practical Tutorial Theory Practical Tutorial Total EXS 401 Applied Mathematics IV 04 -- 01 04 -- 01 05 Subject Code Practic ( 5 years) Sem – V & VI a.y. Physics Sem – V & VI a.y. 6506 & 6507 the syllabus of B.Voc. III & IV) and (Sem. (Sem. and Manish Goyal, “A Text Book of Engineering 7th Edition (2007) Lakshmi Publications (P) Limited, New Delhi. German Studies ( German Compulsory Language & German Optional Language ) for colleges, 4.22 F.Y.B.A Gujarati (Complusory & Optional), 4.97 F.Y.B.A. 22nd May, 2019 Item No. B.Com Sem 3 & 4 under Business Economics, 4.178 S.Y.B.Com applied component elective course under Business Economics, 4.183 S.Y.B.Com Travel Tourism Management, 4.16 revised syllabus T.Y.B.Com. 4.4 related T.Y.B.A. 6478 & 6479 in Diploma in Heritage Management. in Philosophy of LOGIC Paper VIII, 4.165 T.Y.B.A. French Studies Sem III & IV, 4.98 S.Y.B.A. 2017-18, 4.304 Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Instrumentation sem – I to VI a.y. 4.10 Amended R. 8519 & R. 8520 in duration and intake capacity of Diploma in Translation (French), 4.19 O. V & VI), Item No. 4.8 & 4.9 regarding the revised syllabus as per the (CBCS) for the B.A. 4.22 The Regulation No. Geography Paper III (Physical geography of India), 4.76 Second Year Foundation Course-II Extension Work, 4.115 A S.Y.B.A. Foundation Course Sem – III & IV a.y. 4.56 revised syllabus PG Diploma course in Mysticism w.e.f. Sociology (CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN INDIAN SOCIETY), 4.73 S.Y.B.A. Home Science Branch : Human Development Sem -III & IV a.y. 4.9 The amendment of O.6032 & R. 8524 & R.8525 relating to eligibility criteria, duration and intake capacity of Certificate Course in French (Intensive). Physics Applied Component  (Electronic Instrumentation), 4.26 TYBSc.physics  Applied Component  (Computer Science ), 4.189 B.Sc. Forensic Science (Sem. in Computer Engg. 4.68 regarding amended Ordinance 6396 relating to the Title of Course in Certificate Course in Prakrit, Item No. 2017-18. I & II, Item No. (Film, Television and New Media Production), 4.128 M.A. 20th May, 2019 Item No. Diploma in Therapeutic Councelling, 4.138 Certificate Course in Sanskrit revised, 4.17 HSK1 – Short Term Certificate I – Chinese Mandrine, 4.89 A Syllabus (Marathi) for Certificate Course for Teachers teaching Marathi as Second Language, 4.36 Diploma Course in Pali Language and Buddhist Art, 4.37 Diploma coure in Pali and Buddhist Studies, 4.38 Certificate course in Pali Language and buddhist culture, 4.39 Certificate course in Pali Language & teachings of buddha, 4.137 Advanced Diploma Course in Sanskrit revised, 4.146 Sem III Sans Law and Administration, 4.149 Sem IV Sans ID Course in Ancient Indian Art, 4.150 Sem IV Sans ID Course in Yoga and Meditation, 4.151 Sem IV Sans ID Course in Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems, 4.152 Sem IV Sans ID Course in Indian Aesthetics-Theory and Application, 4.153 Sem IV Sans ID Course in Narratology- Theory and Application, 4.154 Sem IV Sans Skill-based Course on Alamkaras and Vrittas, 4.155 Sem IV Sans Skill-based Course on Creative Writing, 4.156 Sem IV Sans Skill-based Course on Translation Studies, 4.157 Sem IV Sans Audited Course in Research Methodology, 4.158 Diploma in Buddisht Studies & Vipassana, 4.302 Bachelor in Film Production & Management, 4.303 Bachelors in Psychological Health and Behavioural Sciences, 4.246 Certificate Course in Environment Mgmt & Disaster Mitigation, 4.17 HSK2 – Short Term Certificate II – Chindese Mandrine, 4.18 HSK4 – Diploma II – Chinese Manderian, 4.37 One Year Diploma coure in Pali and Buddhist Studies, 4.38 One Year Certificate course in Pali Language and buddhist culture, 4.39 One Year Certificate course in Pali Language & teachings of buddha, 4.112 Fee Structure – Certificate, Diploma & Adv. 2017-18, 4.54 PG Diploma in Human Rights Course a.y. Syllabus For Engineering Mathematics-1 MUmbai University ... 3:50. 2017-18, 4.177 S.Y.B.Com. Electronics Circuit Analysis & Design-I Electronics Circuit Analysis & Design-I Syllabus revised 4. Hospitality Studies Sem – III & IV, 4.188 (D )B.Sc. III & IV), 4.8 Revised Syllabus CBCS for the M.A./M.Sc. Computer Science (Sem III & IV) a.y. 6508 & 6509 the syllabus of Diploma in Computerised Financial Accounting and Tax Practice, Item No. and results processing related, Item no.4.259 regarding B.E.equivalence/alternate, Item no.4.276 regarding M.E.equivalence/alternate, 4.26 M.E. Home Science Branch : III Textiles & Fashion Technology Sem – V & VI a.y. Part II – Interdisciplinary Course Narratology : Theory & Application a.y. in Geography Paper -II sem – III a.y. 4.58 revised syllabus Ph.D. course work in Pail w.e.f. Organic  Chemistry 6 Units  Sem-V, 4.41 T. Y. B.Sc. in Marathi a.y. in German (B2 level) a.y.2019-20, 4.4 regarding revised syllabus Dip. Specialtion in Information & Cyber Welfare, 4.70 ME Product Design and Development ChBCGS, 4.17 Revised Syllabus for Phd Course Work, 4.15 B. Pharm. in Mathematics Sem – I & II a.y. B. Sc. 6490 & 6491 the syllabus of Certificate Course in Film Business and Marketing, Item No. (Financial Markets) BFM Semester V and VI, 4.315 B.Com. 4.1 regarding revised syllabus M.a. Mathematics (Sem -III & IV) a.y. The Right Gate provides such wonderful resources at your fingertips through the "Digital Publication". 2016, 4.257 SE – Electrical Engineering  Rev 2016, 4.307 SE – Electronics & Telecommunication Engg Rev 2016, 4.252 SE – Electronics-Engineering Rev 2016, 4.262 SE – Instrumentation  Engineering Rev 2016, 4.255 SE – Printing and Packaging Technology Rev 2016, 4.249 SE to BE – Automobile Engineering CBCGS  2016, 4.247 SE to BE – Mechanical Engineering  CBCGS  2016, 4.248 SE to BE – Production Engineering  CBCGS  2016, 4.264 SE to BE -Chemical Engineering Rev 2016, 4.55 Five-Years-Integrated-B.M.S.-M.B.A.-syllabus-Sem-I-to-X, 4.293 Master in Financial Technology ( MFT ) Sem. 4.193 UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI Revised syllabus (Rev- 2016) from Academic Year 2016 -17 Under FACULTY OF TECHNOLOGY Computer Engineering Second Year with Effect from AY 2017-18 Third Year with Effect from AY 2018-19 Final Year with Effect from AY 2019-20 As per Choice Based Credit and Grading System with effect from the AY 2016–17 Download Mumbai University(MU) Mechanical Engineering SEM 3 Question Papers Of Rev-2019 C-Scheme ,CBCS ,CBCGS ,CBSGS and old Paper With Subjects - Production Process-I, Thermodynamics, Material Technology, Applied Mathematics-III, Strength Of Materials For the current academic session 2019-20, the University of […] Civil Engineering, Item No. Mathematics Sem -V & VI a.y. Physics Paper III in (Sem.III &IV), 4.13 Bridge course leading to S.Y.B.Sc. in Geography Paper -III Sem -IV a.y. I Paper II (core) Epistemology (Indian and Western), Item no. in Development Administration (Sem. Mumbai (Manesar) Campus 7045780126/27/28/29/ 9930841748/8291899850 Last Date to Apply at Mumbai Campus Last date to apply for all UG & PG Programmes 2017-18, 4.190 F.Y.B.Sc. & Tourism & Hospitality Mgmt. Students can check MU Engineering Syllabus PDF for Mechanical, Civil, Computer, Electronics and others streams also with the help of this page. A. Datta, “Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering”, 2012 3. 5 years integrated course Sem I to VI, 4.285 3 yrs LL.B and 5 yrs LL.M) sem III & IV, Item No. 15th April, 2019 regarding impletation of CBCS system for the Three years LL.B. Data Science), 4.53 M.Sc. & B.E. I to IV), Item no.4.39 Manual & Revised Scheme and syllabus for B.Pharm.(Sem. Part – II Life Science Specialization Biological Macromolecules Sem – III & IV a.y. 4.27 M. E. Electronics and Telecommunication Engg. Hindi Sem I & II (Compulsory & Ancillary), 4.41 F.Y.B.A. Sociology sem – I to IV a.y. 160 dated 14th March, 2019, AC Meeting date 14/06/2018 vide Item No. 4.6 related T.Y.B.Com. & B.Pharm. 4.72 regarding Ordinances No. 4.6 regarding the revised syllabus for the Diploma Course in Vallabha Vedanta (Suddhadvaita) and Vaisnavism, Item No. in Chinese Studies Sem – I & IV a.y. in English (Introducation to Literature), 4.54 F.Y.B.A. 2017-18, 4.244 S.Y.B.A. 2019-20. Psychology Sem-III-IV 2018-2019, 4.34 Revised syllabus M.A. Home Science Branch IA : Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics ( Sem III & IV ) a.y. 4.8 regarding revised syllabus M.A/M.Sc.in Statistics Sem. UG/27 of 2019-20 AC dated 15th April, 2019 Item No. in History & Archaeology Sem. & S.Y.B.Sc Mathematics Sem III & IV, 4.194 T.Y.B.A.& T. Y.B.Sc. programmes, 4.62 Ordinances and Regulations for the 5 years integrated BBA, LL.B. V to VIII, 4.58 Revised syllabus T.E.in Mechanical Engineering sem. Mumbai (Manesar) Campus 7045780126/27/28/29/ 9930841748/8291899850 Last Date to Apply at Mumbai Campus Last date to apply for all UG & PG Programmes 2017-18, 4.257 SE – BE Electrical Engineering sem – III & IV a.y. III & IV), 4.73 M.Sc. in English & with research Sem II, 4.107 M.A.(Hons.) (Psychology) and F.Y.B.Sc. 4.14 regarding Ordinances No. 4.16 the students in the subsequent years i.e. Sem I & II, 4.15 F.Y.B.A. 2017-18, 4.314 S.Y.B.Com. sem. III & VIII). III to IV, 4.31 Revised syllabus of S.Y.B.Sc. 6492 & 6493 the syllabus of Certificate Course in Theatre for Development. Download Mumbai University Engineering Syllabus from First Year Engineering to Last Year Engineering Syllabus. Statistics (Sem V & VI) Applied component, 4.32 TYBSc(Sem – V & VI) Syllabus Final 9th April 2018 26 April 2018-1, 4.26 TYBSc. D Course work Library Information Science, New Marking Scheme of examination MSC CS Part 2, New Marking Scheme of examination MSC IT Part 1, New Marking Scheme of examination MSCIT Part 2, Item no.4.97 Examination Scheme of IDOL for B.Sc. 158 dated 14th March, 2019, AC Meeting date 10/07/2018 vide Item No. Themajor challenge in the current scenario is to ensure quality to the stakeholders along with expansion. V & VI) Hotel & Hospitality Administration (H&HA). ), ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGINEERING, First Year (Semester 1) - Applied Physics -I May 18, First Year (Semester 1) - Applied Physics - I May 17, First Year Engineering (Semester 1) - Applied Physics 1 - Dec 18. Stupidsid is an online platform for study resources and educational information Marine Science Sem V & VI, 4.232 A T.Y.B.Sc. 4.44 regarding Ordinances No. B.S. Part – II Interdisciplinary course in Indian Aesthetics Theory & Application sem – IV a.y. (ALL BRANCHES) Semester 1(Choice Based), F.E. Islamic Studies (Ancillary) SEM-II, 4.11 F.Y.B.A. Electrical Technology Electrical Technology No change in contents 3. Analytical Chemistry (Sem III & Sem IV), 4.72 M.Sc. 4.69 regarding Ordinances No. 4.20 regarding amended Ordinance 5205 relating B.A. I & II), 4.64 revised syllabus for F.Y.B.A. Prog.& System Analysis sem. V & VI), 4.129 B.Sc. / S.Y.B.Sc. UG/25 of 2019-20 AC dated 15th April, 2019 Item No. 156 dated 14th March, 2019, AC Meeting date 10/07/2018 vide Item No. degree (CBSGS). 4.31 regarding revised syllabus M.A. Sem I to IV, 4.105 M.A.(Hons.) 4.250 M.C.A. Physics sem – III & IV a.y. Item No. Computer Network & Information Security, 4.3 Change in Regulations for Sem X  and Sem VIII of B.Arch Program, 4.28 M. E. in Information Tech. Electrical Engg. (Hotel & Hospitality Administration), 4.12 Revised Syllabus as per CBCS for the M.Sc. in Architectural & Urban Conservations, 4.250 Master of Computer Application (MCA), 4.258 Electronics-and-Electrical-Engineering-Sem-VII-Sem-VIII-R-2012-23-05-2017, 4.254 SE – BE Information Technology Rev 2016, 4.253 SE – Biomedical Engineering Rev 2016, 4.268 SE – Computer Engineering CBCS Rev. 4.2 revised syllabus for M.A.(Hons.) 2019-20, 4.19 revised syllabus of Ph.D. course work in Persian a.y. V of Elective Course Taxation – III (Indirect Taxes – I) and Sem. Mathematics syllabus 2018, 4.73 revised syllabus B.Sc. (ALL BRANCHES) Semester 2(Choice Based), F.E.(REV.) Semester 3&4 (Choice Based), (For 2017+)T.E. Sem. to B.E. Item no.4.13 regarding use of Marathi language in the BLS course. Download Mumbai University (MU) S.E Computer Engineering Semester-3 question papers for month-MAY NOV DEC 2020,2019,2018,2017,2016 CBCGS and CBSGS for subjects - APPLIED MATHEMATICS-III, DIGITAL LOGIC DESIGN AND ANALYSIS, DISCRETE STRUCTURES, ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS AND COMMUNICATION FUNDAMENTALS, DATA STRUCTURES.

engineering mathematics 3 syllabus mumbai university

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