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October 5, 2019by Jill Douka0

Years ago, I was confused regarding my career…

Having worked as a manager in a multinational company, I had realized that I did not want to spend the rest of my life in the corporate environment. I knew this was not for me.

The other option was to start something on my own. Wow!…even the thought… terrified me! How could I sleep at night if I could not secure my income next month? On the other hand, if you will not take risks, is it possible to achieve something more? Days and nights, mixed thoughts were running in my mind. One day I was thinking, ‘I am ready to become an entrepreneur’ and the other ‘I’m fine in this job’.

I needed help. I needed to talk to someone who had been through similar situations and I would consider as a role model. So, I contacted a lady who was a member of the Board of Directors of a multinational company (yes, my goal was to be one day in a high post like that). It was not easy to meet her…I sent 12 emails (and believe me it was hard to find those emails) and only one lady responded to my request. I asked to meet her at her office. She shared with me how her daily life was, the challenges and the victories of the past years and how she sees the future. I learnt many things that day.


The next step was to talk to someone who had created his own company, particularly to someone who was working on the field of personal development where I was interested in setting my startup. Since there was only one company in the field of personal development in Greece, I decided to do research on a global level. Which are the first top in that sector?

I searched a lot to find 10 mails-even if they gave me a mail, I was sure that this is not their personal. I finally received an answer. It was from Jack Canfield, the best coach in America, who has sold more than 112 million books in more than 40 languages. In only one paragraph, he described to me what I wanted from my future.

So, Jack became my mentor. Only one sentence from Jack is enough for me to design a project that otherwise it will take months. His encouragement sounded into my mind for months. The help I have received from my mentor, all these years he is part of my life, is invaluable.

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I believe that all we need a mentor. We need a person who has been through a similar situation as we do now and is willing to help us and to encourage us. It is important to be clear regarding our ultimate goal before reaching someone to talk to. Keep in mind that a mentor is not only appropriate for business affairs.

All we came to this world in order to give the best of ourselves. Mentoring, even if you are a mentor or a mentee, is one of the tools that will help you give the best of yourself.

Try it!

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by Jill Douka

#1 International Bestselling Author of Create Love, How to Create Your Life and Suddenly Now, Business Mentor Awarded by European Union and accredited by Coach Federation, Global Academy of Coaching Director

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