CareerLifeHow can Faith help you achieve your biggest dreams?

August 9, 2021by Jill Douka

How much do you believe in yourself?

Why do we call Faith a muscle in coaching?



The Assumption of Holy Mary in Heaven creates the perfect context for evaluating the importance of Faith in our lives. How lifesaving is its impact is and how can it lead the way to another higher level? Feel free to watch my video below:

Faith refers to religion and the inner call that the Universe is in a constant motion that brings us closer to what we genuinely need depending on our actions.

  • It is the inner conviction that things are happening for us and not to us.
  • It is the ultimate skill and the most potent muscle we need to exercise to keep going regardless of what’s happening outside our power to control and administer things. Just like any other muscle, Faith gives back our strenuous efforts of exercising it by holding us together when we need it the most!
  • It’s the unbeatable belief that no matter how terrible something looks or how negative, everything will work out well. And eventually, this optimism meets reality since we feel more confident than ever being protected by something “bigger.” Confident and free to chase our goals and restore trust in all the wonders we can achieve.

Faith eventually enhances responsibility and reinforces our dreams to get bigger and bigger day by day!

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Keep building up your Faith and find one of the most vital resources for energy, action, determination, and resilience!


With my GAC studies I now feel sure that anything I want to do is on my hand to achieve as long as I design my actions and be consistent to them.

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by Jill Douka

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