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October 29, 2021by Jill Douka0

Do you want to keep your business up to date?

Watch this video and find out how.

Once you start becoming a life coach and study in an accredited certification, you really need to commit to keep learning .And the first thing you start reading is the ICF Code of Ethics.

My motto is to always learn from the best. Look out globally for the best person in business building, in business writing; the best person to support you as a coach, as a business person.

Then it’s very important for you to network. However you can. There are endless possibilities into networking (hybrid or real live events, coffee or lunch breaks, ZOOM meetings). Getting in touch with people who are interesting for you will keep your mind growing.

Finally, be a member of a mastermind group. Meaning, find people who are going through what you’re going through. In this group, you will actually find a lot of new business ideas, and this will really help you keep your business up to date.


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Elena Michael

Certified Professional Coach, JA Cyprus Program Coordinator, Founder of Young Stars Cyprus, Certified Life Coach, Graduate of Global Academy of Coaching


by Jill Douka

#1 International Bestselling Author of Create Love, How to Create Your Life and Suddenly Now, Business Mentor Awarded by European Union and accredited by Coach Federation, Global Academy of Coaching Director

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