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July 24, 2021by Jill Douka

Are you a sought-after professional?

What does it take to be competitive at work?

How can you keep up with all the rapid changes and challenges?


Since… autumn is coming, let’s find the best possible ideas to promote our work and align ourselves with the progressiveness the new era seeks. Read more on my Forbes article and explore all the ways you can cultivate your creativity at work!


Our world is constantly changing to a whole new level of pioneering, and if we want to keep up, we should refocus on our goals and reprogram our route to meet them successfully. It’s the best time to invest in ourselves and build up our confidence by elevating our skills.


We are held much more accountable and feel more committed when we pave our path. After all, it’s one of the basic principles we totally embrace in the Global Academy of Coaching. Find more about our studies and classes here


Thinking out of the box is a most-wanted attribute, especially at this turn of the time where the old habits and procedures don’t seem to work efficiently.


In order to be competitive and productive, we need to look for fresh ideas. But most of all, we need to believe that we will be OK no matter how things turn out. As long as we stay on track, streamlined with our spirit and passion for excelling, we will definitely make it!


So be mindful to enjoy your summer vacations while also preparing yourself for your most promising professional future!



With my GAC Graduation I feel sure that anything I want to do is on my hand to achieve as long as I design my actions and be consistent to them.

Nadia Andronicou

Graduate of Global Academy of Coaching


by Jill Douka

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