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October 20, 2023by Jill Douka

How are you doing?

I am getting ready for the 2 events in London that I will speak and participate in. 

I am so excited that GAC students and friends will join me, we always have so much fun at these events!

Yesterday, in the class at the Global Academy of Coaching Leadership Certification we were doing coaching on money, and how it is energy. I wish I had someone share this with me 17 years ago when I started. After a lot of pain and some huge disappointments I realized that the amount of money we make is completely related with the opinion we have for ourselves. So the fact that my private clients pay me 12.000 euros for 6 months of biweekly coaching, has to do with the opinion I have for myself. 

I know, I know it sounds…. Weird. As many of you bring these type of questions in masterclasses or via email I promise to do a masterclass on this. 

Now, do you want to make 100k?

Let’s see how you can make 100k as a coach! 

Did my first 100 K within the first three years of starting the business..


I started working full time as a life coach back in 2007. How did I do that? 

I was so happy I had my coaching certification accredited by the International Coaching Federation.  I had studied with the best professors in the world. And what I did immediately is to put myself out there. I let everybody know that I was a life coach and I want to invite you to do the same. Offer complimentary sessions to everybody you literally know. I will never forget that I was doing about ten complimentary sessions per day. I grabbed people that I knew from each of every company that I had worked with, and I told them, You know what? I do life coaching. 

Come with me and find out what exactly this thing is, because, of course, then almost no one knew what life coaching was. 

Stop hiding behind the keyboard. I want to invite you to go out there to events, conferences and places where your clients are. And if you’re not clear where your clients are, that’s okay. 

Again, your clients are going to find you and come to you, but you have to be out there among other people. Another thing that I was doing, I was writing two articles per week and that my beautiful friend is quite tough, especially if you’re doing it for over 3 to 4 years.

And I was writing 2 articles per week because I was writing on two of the biggest websites that existed during that time. And actually this really helped me to build my mailing list and I was doing one free event per month. Sometimes my free events had five people, sometimes my free events had 100 people who participated. 

So I actually did not care. Where did I get this strength, this confidence? I got it from my mentor, Jack Canfield. When I asked him, I was like, Jack, I really want to bring my life coaching uniqueness out of this world and help people to take their lives to the next level. And he actually told me that I had to contact everybody that I knew and let them know what I was doing and actually be out there constantly. Now I was planning and I was doing one paying workshop per month. My paying workshops ranged from four participants to 30. 

I was okay even with the four participants or the 30 ones. Why? Because I knew that the people who had to be there, they were there. And I trusted the universe that everything, everything would work out. I had built this huge, huge, huge confidence into what I was offering, and I knew that I would be successful.

During that time  I was paying for my business coach more than I was paying myself. And I’ll never forget the first time that I was crying so hard because I was actually paying my business coach more than I was paying myself. I urge you to do the same thing in order to grow. 

Invest in the best business coach who has achieved what you want to achieve and you feel the connection. You will get this money back tenfold. 

And finally, my beautiful friend, my advice to you is to hustle, hustle, hustle. Get out there and just get the signs from the universe. The universe will always direct you where you need to be, but you have to be able to listen and see. Actually, now, if you have achieved your 100 K, let me know. What have you done? If you haven’t, let me know which is the first action point you will do. Just hit reply!

My private coaching practice is full and there is a waiting list. If you want to invest in yourself in a Master Level Coaching, then you can fill in the form and a member of my team will contact you. 




Looking forward to seeing you!!!



“Working with Jill Douka MCC and through my studies at the Global Academy of Coaching, a certified organization of ICF, I understood the value of coaching as a practice that empowers you to take action. I stopped dwelling on the past and shifted my focus to where I channel my energy, my time in the present, and the future. Now, everything happens faster, and I have started to develop my vision, my own coaching & consultation business focused on self-improvement both at the individual and corporate levels.”

Evi Petsiou
Personal Development Coach – Business:Well-being Director

by Jill Douka

MBA, Μaster Certified Coach, 2x TEDx speaker #1 Bestselling and Awarded Author of 3 books, awarded mentor by the European Union, sought after internationally-renowned speaker. Founder of the Global Academy of Coaching Certificate Accredited, and together with top professors in the world trains high achievers to become exceptional coaches and leaders. Author of #1 International bestseller Create Love: 7 Secrets to Manifest your Perfect Match, Author of Bestseller How to Create Your Life, Author of Bestseller Suddenly Now, Author of Woman Now.