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❓Do you always become a rug to be stepped on?
❓Do you always accept other people's suggestions even if they displease you?
❓Do you continue to be in a toxic relationship just because you refuse to be perfect?
❓Do you refuse to... refuse?

Note whether the following sentences describe
situations that represent you

✓ I always go to the places my friends choose
✓ Even if I am tired I have to take care of my sick father every day
✓ I cannot refuse to buy another toy for my child
✓ I always take it upon myself to transport my colleagues who don't have a car
✓ I always agree with my supervisor
✓ I agreed not to claim reduced working hours at work after I gave birth
✓ my partner is unfair to me but he loves me

Because we don't know how to set boundaries
✓ We cannot recognize our feelings
✓ We were brought up with the "good girl" syndrome and the cliché of "what will people say"
✓ We want to be liked by everyone
✓ We have associated the assertion of our wants with selfishness
✓ We have associated self-denial with the demonstration of love
✓ We don't always feel strong enough to support ourselves

What does boundary setting entail?

✓ I know my needs
✓ I know how to communicate them to others
✓ I know my strengths and recognize my emotions
✓ I respect different opinions but also the right to have my own
✓ Being socially functional does not mean giving in to my wants

So start today with the free tips you will find here to put more No's in your life!

From your smallest daily activities to the biggest, communicate your needs correctly!
Set your boundaries and you will be surprised how much respect
this decisive attitude of yours can inspire in others.

Don't forget that the people who dare to say no are often the most successful!

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