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October 15, 2022by Jill Douka

Last week I got a beautiful message from a graduate who informed me that she got a project in one of the fortune 500 companies as an executive coach. 

You know this news open up my heart. Because they prove the power of coaching and the amazing impact it has. 


So what is Executive Coaching and why is it so hyped lately? 

Because it delivers RESULTS.

People who worked with a coach reported common positive benefits including: 

  1. Improved communication skills 42%
  2. Increased self-esteem / self-confidence 40%
  3. Increased productivity 39%
  4. Optimized individual/team performance 38% 
  5. Improved work/life balance 34% 


Learn more about executive coaching here:

An executive coach is paid by the corporation, and we call the corporation a sponsor in the coaching process. The main idea is that the corporation invests in the executive so that they become the best version of themselves and as a consequence, they become an amazing executive. 


So there can be one on one executive coaching or group executive coaching, depending on the needs of the corporation and the team. An executive coach has very good knowledge of how corporations work. Usually, an executive coach is an ex-executive. 


An executive coach has to be very clear with both the sponsor and the executive coaching on what are the outcomes of the coaching process. We have to be very, very careful to add all the information in the coaching contract. My beautiful friend, it’s vital, in my opinion, to study in order to become an executive coach so that you have all the knowledge, skills and abilities that you need in order to be an excellent executive coach.


It’s also vital that your professors, the professors that will teach you, have already done executive coaching. So there have been, through all the challenges that you have to go through in order to have the experience, you are going to get the best experience from your professors. 


In Global Academy of Coaching. The professors who teach executive coaching are so successful executive coaches with many, many years in the profession.


So are you interested in becoming an executive coach?

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At Global Academy of Coaching, we give you the step-by-step process to become a fantastic life, relationship, or executive coach, the accountability you need, and a community of capable coaches who will believe in you fiercely! We call our community, family! 


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Looking forward to being your mentor!


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Until then, keep thriving and growing, my beautiful friend.

by Jill Douka

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