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February 23, 2024by Jill Douka

I often fail. Mostly massively.

Meaning I feel that each time I fail, is bigger than the previous one. 

Failing as a mom? Oh yes!

Failing as an entrepreneur. Here I am!

Failing as a woman? Yeap!

Failing as a lover? Hell yes!

Failing in managing my finances? Yes!  

Failing as an athlete? Of course!

I am so accustomed to failure. Every time I face failure in the eyes, my heart is in pain. But I know that without failing my life will be so boring. So absolutely monotonous. 

And one of my values is excitement. 

So after embracing this awareness I have decided to fail as much as possible! 

Get into that relationship. 

Challenge my management style. 

Aim to be a triathlete. 

And fail as much as possible.

Invest and trade. 

And then bounce BACK.

Feel the failure, see the ground and then dust off myself and get up.

Quickly. Because the quicker I get up, the quicker I can create more excitement in my life- so I am true to my values.  

Being a coach means that we deliver results.

And results come with massive failure.

I now know this.


So if you feel like a failure, I invite you to join the club.

The club of achievers. 

You will find me there and other amazing Global Academy of Coaching students. 

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See you at the Masterclass,

Jill Douka


P.S. Failure isn’t the opposite of success; it’s a stepping stone. Let’s navigate these stepping stones together, turning each one into a milestone of victory.


“In my session with Jill Douka MBA, MCC, I gained enthusiasm, a super dooper intention, and I know that my goal will be achieved. I am now the leader of myself.”

Irene Nikolopoulou
Accountant – Life Coach

by Jill Douka

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