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December 4, 2022by Jill Douka

How are you? Hope very well!

I am not ok. Today is a very tough day for me. It is the day we were supposed to have our 9th year wedding anniversary with Joy’s dad. As you might know I got divorced about a year ago. It was a very tough decision for me. And today a lot of pain and mourning comes up. It’s brutal. 


Ever since I have been through the loss of my parents and the divorce the last year I have understood that grief and pain comes in waves. You never know when it will surface. A small, stupid thing, a place even a sign on the street can trigger feelings of sadness and pain. Even a date. Have you felt this?


If you are going through loss, through a similar situation please know that it is absolutely normal to get these waves of pain. Actually it is really healthy. 

No matter how much you have worked on yourself- and trust me the past year I have been working soooo much on myself it is VERY MUCH OK to feel from time to time pain, overwhelm, to cry and feel sad.


Please repeat after me: it’s OK TO FEEL SAD


When these feelings come up, the tools I use and share them with my clients are:

Take 6 deep breaths in a row

Journal and allow ANY thought to come out 

Nurture yourself with plenty of water and nurturing food (chicken soup with lemon creates miracles!) 

Take some time to pamper yourself with things that you enjoy like a walk in nature, take a bubble bath, go for a run or a swim.

Whatever you feel please know that you CAN MAKE IT!

No one and nothing can ever rob away your experience of your choices. 

Be proud of Your Choices as they have shaped you into the amazing being YOU ARE!


And if you want to increase your self-esteem and self confidence then I have you covered!

Watch the video below and start taking action!

Miracles will follow, I have witnessed it again and again

What is the one action you will do today to feel more confident? Just hit reply and I will read your answer and get back to you!


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Keep Thriving and Growing my beautiful friend! I am next to you!

by Jill Douka

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