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February 21, 2020by Jill Douka0

What’s your true calling?

Are you ready to find the piece that’s missing from your life?
Pavlina Charalampous has earned her… coaching wings simply by answering her inner calling. Sometimes your heart just tells you that you are meant for more.

Pavlina used to be a rather successful Psychology teacher. Despite her being a high respected researcher with great impact on the academic community, that wasn’t quite enough for her. Her spirit was restless to seek for something more profound and more meaningful… And that’s when she crossed paths with GAC. Not long after her graduation from GAC, she is having her hands full with life coaching sessions and her professional career is constantly on the rise. Such a big change in such a short time but, yet, nothing comes unexpectedly in coaching! Pavlina did it, and so can you (discover your inner strength by joining us in Tony Robbin’s the “Unleash the Power Within” experience this May in Birmingham


Life coaching is a true gift for yourself and all those that will benefit from your talent and expertise! You only have to find the missing piece and read the signs that will help you move towards a whole new direction and experience life from a fresh perspective! Exactly like… Pavlina Charalampous, our promising thrive coach!


Do you have what it takes to be a positive life influencer? Join the Strategic Career Coaching session to find out! Our experienced coaching team will guide you through the laborious but worthwhile experience of becoming a most successful life coach yourself!

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by Jill Douka

#1 International Bestselling Author of Create Love, How to Create Your Life and Suddenly Now, Business Mentor Awarded by European Union and accredited by Coach Federation, Global Academy of Coaching Director

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