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November 27, 2022by Jill Douka

What happens when you get in the flow and take action?


A month ago I was discussing with a Global Academy of Coaching Graduate and she told me about the Mind Body Spirit Festival.

The past years I always had something else planned that weekend and only GAC Graduates would represent our company.


After the Global Women launch in Dubai, I met with the Director of Global Women in Cyprus Elisabeth Toufexis and she told me they had a meeting on Friday of the Body mind soul festival.


So wIth my team we planned 3 days of incredible events in Cyprus.

I got so much nurtured and inspired at the Global Women Conference in Limassol, so I decided to join the team.

I think pictures speak for themselves!


On Saturday we had an amazing VIP Time with Jill event, and the high achievers that joined gave 10/10 feedback.


Apart from a plan for the next 6 months, the ladies got the conviction that they can achieve their goals and their accountability partner.


And all this in only 3 hours! Both VIP events in Athens and Cyprus were sold out, but stay tuned for the next ones if you want to Thrive in 2023!

And on Sunday I did a presentation on How to become a life coach at the Body Mind Spirit festival together with GAC Graduates. It makes my heart sing to see them creating the life they desire and help others on the way.

What miracles have you created my beautiful friend once you got in the flow and took action?


Just hit reply in the email and let me know!

So you want to sign up more clients in your practise?

Watch this video and get inspired:

The first step is for you to go out and say to people what you do.

Everybody now says that they’re a coach, so people are so confused.

But you my friend, you have the knowledge, the skills and the abilities.

If you have studied in an accredited school and have this information that is now engraved in you to go out and share it, say to people what exactly you do. Talk to your friends.


The second step, is to organize evenings of many life coaching sessions, group coaching sessions and offer them to do complementary sessions.


The third action point: Offer them to do complementary sessions for some short of time, for three months, six months, whatever you feel comfortable with.


The fourth step is to request referrals from your fellow students that you have already done peer coaching. So it’s so important to have written feedback of how you transform their life, how you help them so other people will start really, really trusting you. Now, I’ve given you four steps, and I promise you that if you do this, if you go out post on Facebook and say, Hey guys, I’m doing this. If you start organizing the event and you start saying to your friends, I’m going to do some complimentary sessions, I promise you, you will gain your five first clients!


Want to Achieve Time Freedom? Then join me and Global Academy of Coaching Graduates is an amazing Mastreclass packed with knowledge and support.

You can enroll for free here:


Looking forward to seeing you!


My Life is transformed. Actually, one day before I get the feedback form I was thinking how this study will transform my life and me and how much is worth to do it other people also. So I’ll say to him/her: if you finally do it, be ready for your new best self.

Mary Lysandrou

Certified Professional Coach – GAC graduate

by Jill Douka

#1 International Bestselling Author of Create Love, How to Create Your Life and Suddenly Now, Business Mentor Awarded by European Union and accredited by Coach Federation, Global Academy of Coaching Director