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November 17, 2023by Jill Douka

If you attend the monthly masterclasses I am doing then you know that coaching has literally saved my life at least 2 times.

This is the reason I am so passionate about training high achievers to become the best coaches in the world with Global Academy of Coaching.


Our Vision at Global Academy of Coaching Leadership Certification

Empowering a Million Dreams

Our mission is to train one million high achievers, transforming them into the best coaches in the world  who embody the pinnacle of their potential. 

We envision a world where each individual feels a profound sense of security, courageously lives their dreams, and passes on these empowering skills to future generations. 

Together, we’re creating a legacy of inspiration, achievement, and personal fulfillment.


🌍 So I want to share with you some SUPER Exciting News! 

🚀 Global Academy of Coaching is now available for licensing in Europe, USA, and Asia! 🌏

We are represented by the prestigious How 2 franchise company in the United Kingdom with over 30 years of expertise in licensing and franchising.


Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the world? Do you dream of helping others achieve their full potential and create a more compassionate and understanding world? Then join us on our mission to train 1,000,000 coaches and make the world a place of deep understanding, compassion, and FUN! 🌟


And I want to invite you to our next Masterclass that is a treat from me, so you can attend for free!


Are you ready to take your coaching passion to the next level and turn it into PROFIT? We’re thrilled to announce an incredible opportunity that will empower you to do just that


Introducing the “Break Free From the 9 to 5” Masterclass


Join us for an inspiring journey of transformation led by two extraordinary experts in the coaching world: Jill Douka MBA, MCC and Caitlin Doemer!


What’s in Store for You?


🚀 **Unleash Your Potential:**


🧭 **Navigate Your Coaching Career:**


💼 **Transition from 9 to 5:**


🌐 **Global Insights:**


📈 **Profitable Practices:**


🗣️ **Interactive Discussions:**


💥 **Networking Opportunities:**


👏 **Don’t Wait – Secure Your Spot Today!** 👏


This masterclass is a rare opportunity to learn from the best in the coaching industry. Whether you’re just starting your coaching journey or looking to elevate your existing practice, this event is tailor-made for YOU.


Remember, the only thing standing between you and your dream coaching career is the decision to take action. Seize this opportunity, and together, we’ll unlock your true potential!


🌟 **Let’s Break Free From the 9 to 5 – Together!**




Keep thriving and being awesome my dear friend! 



“Feeling incredibly fortunate and grateful for my session with Jill Douka!!! I’ve got a solid plan, clear goals, engaging thought exercises, a boost of energy, positive mindset, and affirmations!! I’ve overcome obstacles, confronted challenges, delved into past experiences, and gained back about 2.5 years of my life!
Thank you from the heart!!!”

Maria Kokkoni


by Jill Douka

MBA, Μaster Certified Coach, 2x TEDx speaker #1 Bestselling and Awarded Author of 3 books, awarded mentor by the European Union, sought after internationally-renowned speaker. Founder of the Global Academy of Coaching Certificate Accredited, and together with top professors in the world trains high achievers to become exceptional coaches and leaders. Author of #1 International bestseller Create Love: 7 Secrets to Manifest your Perfect Match, Author of Bestseller How to Create Your Life, Author of Bestseller Suddenly Now, Author of Woman Now.