UncategorizedIs online coaching training effective?

July 29, 2021by Jill Douka

What does online training entail?

What are the differences between online and live training?

Why should you opt the one over the other?


I sense that some people question the dynamics of online certification, and it’s perfectly fine if you are one of them. I invite you to watch my short video below and to delve into why is it possible to be equally effective with an online certification:


As you can see, I use my personal experience quite a lot to escape such confusing complications as “online or live certification.” Back in 2005, my Cornell University online training brought home to me how cool it was to study something so prestigious by sharing online your information, knowledge, skills, abilities with so many other people all over the world.

During our Global Academy of Coaching launching in 2015, this practice was constantly in my head. I wanted to deliver such comfort constructing the best online certification without sacrificing a single thing of the top-notch quality of any other full-time program out there. This vision proved me right as the following years brought the great digitalization of almost… everything!

In 2021, I am confident that many online training pieces can be even not equally but more effective as live training. And this is because you’re 100 percent focused; you’re 100 percent there. There are no distractions. You have chosen to be there and not accidentally just happened to pop in.


So, yes!

IT IS possible to study and become an incredible coach through online training! It’s your unique chance to be a universal student and spread your wings to a much wider pool of clients you have never imagined before.


Should you need endorsement and more info to clear things up in your head,

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Please remember, my friend, that “online” doesn’t equal “effortless” or “hasty.” It means being wide open to the extent of endless possibilities you’ve never imagined before.

Our world is changing, and it’s time for our businesses to do the same!

Besides, when it comes to determination and the true spirit, our genuine coach hearts always find their way!



With my GAC Graduation I feel sure that anything I want to do is on my hand to achieve as long as I design my actions and be consistent to them.

Nadia Andronicou

Graduate of Global Academy of Coaching

by Jill Douka

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