UncategorizedIt was one of the best moments of my life!

January 4, 2024by Jill Douka

It was during our last VIP Time with Jill, when all the participants were sharing their next actions in order to make their dreams a reality.

  • Creating a Ministry that will take care of the elderly 
  • Augmenting by 6 the beds in the intensive care that I run at the hospital
  • Book 50 more clients and help them to change their lives
  • Create a beautiful family with my partner 
  • Be fit, healthy and have fun with my children and husband 


My job ( I call it mission) as a one on one coach is to support extraordinary women achieve EVEN MORE Extraordinary things. 

Very often I get into sessions and the goal is

  • My salary to increase from 180.000 euros to 250.000 euros
  • My IVF to be a success and give birth to my healthy baby in 9 months 

Talking about BOLD, BIG GOALS.



Every day I am in awe of WHAT MY CLIENTS ACHIEVE!


Not only they achieve in the physical level their goals, but most importantly, they feel 


Inner harmony

Stop criticizing (after all every time we criticize, we criticize ourselves) 

Living in the moment 

Trusting the flow



If you want to have MASSIVE RESULTS, I invite you to join us at the VIP Time with Jill.

Give yourself a gift, and join us while we still have availability.




Keep Thriving my beautiful friend!

“Working with Jill Douka MCC in just one coaching session I banished my fears, I felt confidence in myself, strength and faith that I will succeed in the
goals we set. I feel safe and self-sufficient. I can’t wait for the next one!”

Alexandra Horozidou
Personal Coach for Women and Mothers

by Jill Douka

MBA, Μaster Certified Coach, 2x TEDx speaker #1 Bestselling and Awarded Author of 3 books, awarded mentor by the European Union, sought after internationally-renowned speaker. Founder of the Global Academy of Coaching Certificate Accredited, and together with top professors in the world trains high achievers to become exceptional coaches and leaders. Author of #1 International bestseller Create Love: 7 Secrets to Manifest your Perfect Match, Author of Bestseller How to Create Your Life, Author of Bestseller Suddenly Now, Author of Woman Now.