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Jill Douka
November 28, 2020

Is life coaching for you? How can it impact your life? When is it better to seek medical advice? Are you wondering whether life coaching is the right tool for you? Well, it depends. Are you struggling to recover from your past or are you opting to step into a better future? Life coaching is...

Jill Douka
October 24, 2020

A new generation of exceptional coaches is being built up! An apres-Masterclass summary full of faith and self-commitment! What a great joy to see all these happy faces in our online Masterclass 4 Steps on Becoming an Exceptional Life Coach! And what a blessing to realize the cradle of hope is lit through their desire...

Jill Douka
October 16, 2020

Are you afraid of setting high goals? Are your dreams imposing fear and doubt about yourself? There is always this little whisper that makes you get cold feet. It’s the fear that you aren’t enough and that you don’t have what it takes. Luckily, in my TEDx speech, none of these reservations proved real. Being...

Jill Douka
October 2, 2020

How challenging is your path towards success? What does it take to be a high-achiever? Are you getting through adversities? Sometimes when you chase something, you may catch something different but equally important. And I have a particular personal experience to prove my theory. So there I was in TEDx Chennai, achieving a big lifetime...