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Have you ever thought how little you are loved, how little you are valued, how little you are admired? The time has come for all this to change! By understanding how important you are, you also understand your place in the world. Don't let low self-esteem lower the quality of your life anymore.

There is an exercise that gives you the necessary oxygen when your self-confidence is at a limit. The Mirror Exercise is part of the affirmations technique and has a positive effect on your psychology! This is not self-flattering or self-indulgent. It's about recognizing all that you offer and deserve.

Why in the Mirror?

✓ Because there you will speak openly and freely with a visible representation of yourself
✓ Because it is important to look you in the eye
✓ Because seeing our idol reminds us how beautiful and charismatic we are
✓ Because in our reflection we see how others really see us and not in the light of the insecurities generated by our Ego

Put the Mirror Exercise in your everyday life! Here you will find free all the instructions to do it right.

What will you gain from the exercise?

✓ When we are alone we overcome all inhibitions and share our most hidden fears
✓ It is the moment of the day that we are entitled to give to ourselves
✓ By externalizing what we feel, we give them their real dimensions and demystify them
✓ We will understand the power of being ourselves first before anyone else, our own warmest supporters

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