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December 23, 2022by Jill Douka

Merry Christmas to all!


I really hope that you’re having a good time these days.


And it’s so important because after so long now we can finally celebrate with our loved ones.

So I really want to encourage you, my beautiful friend, to spend time with people that you love.

They might not be your family, but if they are that is awesome. I want to encourage you to spend time with people that nurture you. 

Spend time with people that you love. 

And I want to encourage you to say it to them, my beautiful friend. Enjoy and be present every minute. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart. 


Where are you and what is special for you on this day? 

I am in the mountains, playing with snow which really recharges me. 

What are you up to? 


I am next to you,


by Jill Douka

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