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July 17, 2019by Jill Douka0

Why do women find it difficult to express their sexuality?
How can we break free from what suppresses our sexy side?

Many of my female coachees confess their erotic dysfunctionality or admit that they have been sexually inactive for a long time. Why is this so?

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We don’t study about our sexuality at school, and depending on our family environment, we may not even know we have a sexy side to evolve until we reach maturity. As girls, we learn to embrace traits like beauty, but it’s a taboo to explore our sexuality resulting in a masqued instinct that struggles to break free and express itself correctly. How can we acknowledge our sexuality and make it flourish?

​To interact sexually with other people through erotic experiences and responses requires going through the stages of sexuality effectively and this point is thoroughly explained by our GAC coaches (learn more on how to become one thriving coach here:

We can’t have a spicy love life if we haven’t experienced our sexuality. The stereotypes from TV and films create a false impression on who is worthy of great sex. But the essential qualities of lovemaking are not being taught in Cosmopolitan.

Practice the Inner Sexy Side exercise and feel your whole being glowing with attractiveness! Spare 5 minutes for seven days on this meditation, and the results will amaze you! You deserve to be seen as a gorgeous cause that’s what you are!

Explore your sensuality with love and respect, just like you would with a partner.
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Jill Douka

by Jill Douka

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