CareerLifeShould you study in a long-term coaching school, or should you keep your studies short?

June 13, 2021by Jill Douka

How serious are you with your coaching studies?

Is there a shortcut to obtaining a certification?

What does coaching mean to you?


Coaching is pure gold. It’s just the ultimate way to really support people and create the lives they want in the fastest way. But does this allow you to be as hasty with your training? Please watch my explanatory video below:

When I started coaching 14 years ago, my coachees often asked me to instruct a suitable study curriculum for obtaining a license to practice coaching professionally. But, unfortunately, I had no idea what to suggest! There were some short-term classes and a few coaching brief workshops, but none seemed to fill in the criteria for something educational and certified.

This realization brought home that learning shortcuts often lead to nowhere. To engrave the knowledge, you need to commit to your decision and invest significant time to make you the best. And this is the reason I’ve decided back then to create the best possible coaching training school out there.

So when it comes to studying coaching, it has to do with you and how serious you are about these studies. If you genuinely desire to indulge in coaching, I suggest that you take a long-term certification! It is crucial to choose a long-term program and have a specialized coach as an instructor. Not just anybody who counsels people.

Feel free to contact one of our GAC ambassadors for a complimentary Strategic Career Coaching session by filling in the form here it’s the most accurate way to know if coaching is really for you

I’m so looking forward to welcoming you, supporting you into becoming a world-class coach the way YOU choose to be!


Global Academy Coaching Certificate is an integrated experiential program that combines perfectly theory and practice. Through my studies, I have become a very good Life Coach, I have learned to focus on my own desires, turn them into goals and finally implement them. Definitely, the best personal investment I have ever made!

Elena Michael

Certified Professional Coach, JA Cyprus Program Coordinator, Founder of YoungStars Cyprus, Certified Life Coach, Graduate of Global Academy of Coaching

by Jill Douka

MBA, Μaster Certified Coach, 2x TEDx speaker #1 Bestselling and Awarded Author of 3 books, awarded mentor by the European Union, sought after internationally-renowned speaker. Founder of the Global Academy of Coaching Certificate Accredited, and together with top professors in the world trains high achievers to become exceptional coaches and leaders. Author of #1 International bestseller Create Love: 7 Secrets to Manifest your Perfect Match, Author of Bestseller How to Create Your Life, Author of Bestseller Suddenly Now, Author of Woman Now.