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September 28, 2019by Jill Douka0

What is the “but” that’s holding you back?
How to overstep reservations and speed up?What is the one thing you should do to achieve what you desire? It takes work, it takes commitment, but above all, it demands to rise above your “but” reservations.

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We all want something more; we all want to achieve; we all want to dream. Still, how many of us are ready to toil to get there? Between you and your goal your “but” is the main interlay. Stuffed with panic, anxiety, and fear, “but” hampers progress on your efforts to get your goal. It serves as an Ego mechanism that wants to control our actions and play it safe. But safety isn’t always the golden ticket for our ambitions.

See your “but” from a helicopter view but don’t stay too long on the “why not do it” part that repeatedly echoes in your head. Go straight to the solution. The only “but” between us and our goal is ourselves. We are the ones to create challenges and opt to hold back eventually! It’s a challenging procedure even if you have mastered your Ego’s schemes (find out how to be a determined GAC’s coach here).


I understand that it’s heavy to hear that you are responsible for carrying this load, but it also gives you a remarkable window of opportunity. Take your significant first baby steps to purge “buts” from your life, and I promise that you’ll experience the most liberating feeling. 

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by Jill Douka

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