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September 16, 2022by Jill Douka

My Beautiful friend how are you?

Fall is here, schools have started and I am so ready to create even more value to support you to become the best version of yourself! 


I coach my students before they dive into taking life coaching courses towards certification, an important question to ask themselves. 

It’s “Why do I want to become a life coach?” Maybe you want to help others and be in charge of your own schedule. Answering this question will help to give you clarity and direction in getting started on an exciting journey. 

Investing in studying life coaching means that the subject is of interest to you, you are serious about delving in-depth and becoming knowledgeable about the subject we study, and you believe that the time and effort you are willing to invest are worthwhile.


My beautiful friend, becoming a life coach cannot truly be achieved in a week. Can you support another person with just a few hours of coaching training? What value can such a limited amount of training provide clients? 


I encourage you to put in the groundwork that will help you to be an effective life coach.


Once you’ve established your reason for wanting to become a life coach, my beautiful friend, commit to studying the subject, create value with the knowledge you’ve gained, dedicate effort to marketing, gain clients and watch your life coaching business take off. 


Learn more about becoming a life coach here:


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Looking forward to being your mentor!

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Until then, keep thriving and growing, my beautiful friend.

by Jill Douka

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