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May 28, 2021by Jill Douka

Is it ok to feel bad about a client’s views?

Why is it important to know your own limits?

How can you terminate a defective coaching relationship?


There are times that we agree or disagree with our clients’ views. It’s human, after all, but is it ok to show it? Is it ok to be biased against our client? The answer is a big ‘no,’ and I explain how to prevent it in this enlightening Forbes article I co-wrote!


It’s a common concern among many of my students in the Global Academy of Coaching. Lies and dishonesty aren’t the best policy, of course. It’s also risky as it hurts our professionalism, and it makes us feel wick. The client needs to know we accept him/her for what they are. They need to feel protected and not judged by us. When we feel incompetent to protect their emotional sphere, it’s best to suggest another professional for that specific client.

Determination, honesty and strong willingness are among the first top virtues we value even at the point of the Strategic Career Coaching, when a wannabe coach first explores his matching qualities to study this profession (you can find out more about this complimentary session here.

In any case, it’s important to acknowledge that we are not “martyrs” destined to withstand our inner truth being hurt. We must respect our boundaries and, undoubtedly, abide by the ICF Code of Ethics.

In other words, we are not obliged to play along if it doesn’t feel right to do so.

Continuing such a relationship will only result in a lack of intimacy and eventually poor results for the client’s development. So please always remember that when you feel biased, you must exhibit the ultimate level of professionalism by opting out of the coaching relationship.

Respect your clients by respecting yourself!


With my GAC studies I now feel sure that anything I want to do is on my hand to achieve as long as I design my actions and be consistent to them.

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by Jill Douka

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