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November 12, 2022by Jill Douka

How are you my beautiful friend?

On Friday we did the VIP Time with Jill and it was just incredible!

Working with focused and brilliant women and helping them achieve their dreams is my life purpose. And the difference that I saw from the first laser session we did until the end of the exquisite meal we had at the beautiful restaurant was soul nurturing.

In coaching you see the results so quickly and I love this!

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We were discussing whether what we did was life or business coaching.  I will share with you an anecdote that coaches say: after the 3rd session it is all life coaching!


What does this mean? Check out the video:

Have you ever gone to work thinking about the fight that you had with your boyfriend or your partner the previous night? Have you ever been with your family in a beautiful weekend where you were off thinking about work? Yeah, we are one. We are all connected. We’re not half business, half personal life. 


This doesn’t exist anymore, and it’s so important that we start working on it. 

So your personal growth is directly linked with your business growth. 


What? Yes, it is. 

I’ll repeat that My personal growth is directly linked with my business growth. 


The more you work on yourself, the more you have better ideas, the more inspiration you have, the more productive you are. 


So I would love if you would write down to me what kind of coach you are and if you believe that actually after the third session, everything is life coaching. Coach, I would love to hear your opinion, so just hit reply in this email.


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Keep Thriving and Growing my beautiful friend! I am next to you!


My Life is transformed. Actually, one day before I get the feedback form I was thinking how this study will transform my life and me and how much is worth to do it other people also. So I’ll say to him/her: if you finally do it, be ready for your new best self.

Mary Lysandrou

Certified Professional Coach GAC graduate

by Jill Douka

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