UncategorizedWhen will you die?

February 1, 2024by Jill Douka

Yes, I know this question is soooo weird!

But this is the first question we worked on with my VIP clients in Cyprus and in Athens.

Why do I ask such a weird question?

I see every day people acting as if they have 2-3 lifetimes ahead.

Absolutely no urgency whatsoever.

Just existing.

This is 95% of the population.


But you belong to the 5% 

How do I know this? 


You are reading my newsletter. You want to become MORE.

I want to invite you to do this exercise with me.

  1. Close your eyes and see the age you will transition to another place.
  2. Then, write it in your notebook.
  3. Now, figure out the year 
  4. Lastly, count the years you have ahead of you


How does this feel? Hit reply and let me know.


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Maria Kokkoni

by Jill Douka

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