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January 19, 2024by Jill Douka

I am so excited because amidst Global Academy of Coaching becoming Level 1 and Level 2, traveling in New York, London and Cyprus and having amazing speaking engagements, starting training for Triathlon (oh YES!) and being a single mom, I have almost finished my NEW BOOK.

The 10xPlan 

How to Create Success, Relationships, and Wealth


This is my 5th book and the other 3 have hit the #1 bestseller list.

What I miss from it… is YOU! Your story!!!

I want to include stories from my students and followers. This is the thought: how Coaching has impacted Your life.

If you always dreamt of writing a book, this is your time to invest in your dream and become a co-author!

Hit reply and my team will send you all the details. 


Do or Do NOT. There is no Try!

In Global Academy of Coaching classes every time a student or a professor says I try we pay 5 euros. Why? There is no try as YODA from Star Wars says. Either you do or you don’t. If you actually achieved it, it’s a different thing. Once you don’t give up, you will definitely achieve it.



Would you like to take your life to the next level in just a few hours and save months from frustration? 

Will you join me for a VIP Experience?



“Through my studies in Global Academy of Coaching I have changed my perspective and how I approach everything. I now know that ALL problems can be solved. I no longer am victimized. I feel accomplished, excited, changed.”


Alex Vasiliou
Life Coach
Global Academy of Coaching Graduate

by Jill Douka

MBA, Μaster Certified Coach, 2x TEDx speaker #1 Bestselling and Awarded Author of 3 books, awarded mentor by the European Union, sought after internationally-renowned speaker. Founder of the Global Academy of Coaching Certificate Accredited, and together with top professors in the world trains high achievers to become exceptional coaches and leaders. Author of #1 International bestseller Create Love: 7 Secrets to Manifest your Perfect Match, Author of Bestseller How to Create Your Life, Author of Bestseller Suddenly Now, Author of Woman Now.