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December 15, 2020by Jill Douka0

Are you ready to master the perfect exit plan from despair?

How can you escape negativity and pessimism?

In this historical change of times, we may all find ourselves questioning our abilities. It’s ok to feel uncertain and confused as this upsetting situation turns its twists and turns. My article in Forbes instructs that it’s also ok to step forward and don’t get stuck in the mud. By all means, it’s not time to sit back, my friends!



We feel jolly and grateful not only because it’s Christmas. Let’s get prepared for the next good years of our lives in the best way possible. Even the smallest step is a significant development pointing ahead. I invite you to don’t lose hope and trust your outstanding efforts during the past years. While you are on this, please make sure to check our all brand new Facebook page:

You are just three tips away from balancing between the extremities of pessimism and pipe-dreaming.

1) Start with the end in mind. Visualize your goal and closely follow the procedure that will take you to it.

2) Create normality within tipping. The new normality comes from within. We are challenged to become more with less.

3) Have patience and kindness. Our gentle human nature shall prevail. We are not going to survive this crisis alone; we need each other to pull it through. We are in this together. Please, keep this in mind the next time you’d lose your temper about something you wouldn’t normally do.

Stay focused and regain your confidence that will not only walk you through any crisis but inspire other people to do the same.

May the Christmas spirit light up this blessing feeling inside our hearts!

Aggeliki Tsoli

Postdoctoral researcher at ICS-FORTH

The Global Academy of Coaching Certification showed me that your life changes only when you change yourself and that is totally up to YOU! I now feel that I own my life, I have a clear direction, I am aware of potential mental and emotional pitfalls, I take action and the more results I see, the more confident I become. I don’t ask why, I don’t wish life and people were different. I go for it!



Master Certified Coach 

#1 International Bestselling Author of Create Love, How to Create Your Life and Suddenly Now, Business Mentor Awarded by European Union and accredited by the Coach Federation in the 3% of coaches worldwide, Global Academy of Coaching Director

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Jill Douka

by Jill Douka

#1 International Bestselling Author of Create Love, How to Create Your Life and Suddenly Now, Business Mentor Awarded by European Union and accredited by Coach Federation, Global Academy of Coaching Director

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